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The Frank R Wolf International Religious Freedom Act requires the president to make CPC designations no later than 90 days after the release of the annual report and that Congress be notified no later than 90 days after these designations about the parties responsible for the violations prompting the designations, the Weft Feeders for Air actions the US government has taken in response, and the effectiveness of these actions. Religious minority communities, including Christians, Hindus, Ahmadis, and Shia Muslims also experience religiously motivated and sectarian violence perpetrated by terrorist organisations and societal elements with relative impunity," said the letter..Senators Bob Menendez, Marco Rubio, Chris Coons, Todd Young, Jeff Merkley and James Lankford wrote a letter to Tillerson ahead of the November 13 deadline before which the State Department needs to notify Congress on its country of particular concern (CPC) designations.

Tillerson has urged the Myanmar army to help the government end violence in the northern Rakhine state where unrest has forced over 600,000 Rohingya Muslims to flee to Bangladesh. Discriminatory constitutional provisions and laws, including the countrys blasphemy and anti-Ahmadiyya measures continue to result in the unjust prosecution and imprisonment of individuals due to their faith," the Senators said in their letter to Tillerson.Additionally, provincial textbooks with discriminatory content against minorities remain a significant concern, the Senators said in the letter dated October 27.In the letter to Tillerson, who has just concluded a visit to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, the bipartisan group of Senators said that they believe "the State Department should designate Pakistan as a CPC as long recommended by US Commission on International Religious Freedom.

Six influential US Senators have urged Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to designate Pakistan as a "country of particular concern" on the issue of religious freedom violation, saying its discriminatory laws continue to result in prosecution of individuals due to their faith."The government of Pakistan continues to perpetrate and tolerate systematic, ongoing and egregious religious freedom violations."At least 40 people are currently sentenced to death or are serving life sentences for blasphemy.The Senators also sought the CPC designation of Myanmar over the issue of Rohingyas

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This means you get the same appealing design with nice looking headlights, a muscular looking grille and lots of black cladding all round for the SUV-like feel.Source: CarDekho. The clutch has the same light feel and gears are easy to slot in spite of a slightly rubbery feel.0 mentioned on the car. The weft accumulator for sale bigger engine is being offered only with the top two variants, as Renault says these variants have made up for 80 per cent of the car's total sales.The news of Renault planning to the launch the Kwid with a 1.0-litre Kwid is 40kg heavier than the 800cc version, which takes away some of the advantage the extra 14 horses try to offer. Power and torque are thus up, with the engine offering 68PS of power and 91Nm of torque as compared to 54PS and 72Nm earlier.0-litre engine in addition to the 800cc motor was only welcome then, as a larger engine means more power, and that's always good news! Add to that the Kwid's appealing design, elaborate feature list and you have a more likeable package.0 feels identical to its 800cc version in terms of ride and handling as there are no mechanical changes to the car outside of the engine.To begin with, there's almost no change to the car visually, except for silver coloured outside rear view mirrors and chequered stickering on the sides, which incidentally is the only place you'll see the 1.

The car feels quicker to accelerate, especially through the gears, with a slightly more torquey feel than the 800cc engine. Brakes could have done with more bite as well, since they offer a slightly spongy feel when you have you slam the pedal.0-litre Kwid to cost about 40-50,000 rupees more than the 800cc version.The story is the same on the insides too, as interiors are identical to the 800cc engine equipped Kwid. Renault invited us to drive the car with the new engine, and here's what we thought of it. We can't disagree with the French carmaker as they have made a small car which has strengthened its position in the hatchback segment in a time span of just one year. So you get the same, rather well-built cabin with good quality plastics, large digital speedometer behind the steering wheel and of course, the touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity and navigation.0-litre engine makes the Kwid a better car when cruising at speeds of 90-100kmph, which should also enhance its abilities as a car to drive over long distances.Prices for the car will be announced on August 22, and we expect the 1.To sum it up, the 1. All of these, as you would remember, are segment firsts.In effect, the 1.

And that's not a lot of money when you consider how much more the 1.0-litre engine compliments the Kwid's appealing design and expansive feature list.Renault India attributes the Kwid to be an affordable, attractive and innovative car.The engine is mated to the same five-speed gearbox as before, and the ratios are the same as well, with the only difference being the strengthening of the drive shaft to handle the additional torque.

And it's obvious that someone buying the more powerful version of the car will want a feature rich variant and not the lower ones. Tyres still feel skinny and could have offered better grip.Moving onto the biggest change, which is the engine under the hood. The cabin feels nice to be in, though shoulder room isn't exactly generous for those with a large frame.0-litre engine has made the Kwid a bit more fun to drive, and you're not really left wanting for power on most occasions.Renault India describes its hatchback Kwid as an affordable, attractive and innovative car.The Kwid 1. The improved performance helps in making the Kwid a better car, be it in the city or on the highway.Sadly, there is still some time before we get to see features like ABS and dual airbags make it to this segment of cars, and Renault India says customers are not willing to pay more for these safety features yet.

The SUV-inspired design of the Kwid and a bundle of first-in-class features have attracted the hatchback buyers, irrespective of whether they are buying a car for the first time or not. As opposed to 25. That said,it tends to feel bumpy over undulated roads at higher speeds.Start the engine and it comes to life with the typical three-cylinder thrum.0-litre Kwid, which means you can expect similar numbers in the real world, of course depending on how you drive. The engine feels as smooth as its smaller version, but, tends to sound a bit gruff at higher revs, purely due to the three-cylinder configuration.The insides of the Kwid feel slightly more premium than other cars in the category, which is one of its highlights.The Kwid isn't exactly meant for cornering and thanks to the softer suspension setup there is some body roll too, but it feels confident even when chucked into a corner.0-litre engine also makes for a more stress-free drive as speeds build up, since the engine feels more relaxed than its smaller version at high speeds. That said, Renault says the Kwid will soon be exported to other markets abroad, and the car is ready to be fitted with the aforementioned safety features. We would have also preferred a slightly softer compound as compared to the current ones. The additional power does not make itself felt as you take off, though as I started driving the difference in performance was noticeable rather quickly. However, the 1.17kmpl figure for the 800cc version, Renault is claiming 23kmpl for the 1. The 1. Interestingly, the Kwid now gets seat belt pre-tensioners, which the manufacturer claims is yet another segment first. The bore and stroke of the three-cylinder, 800cc engine were increased to achieve the higher displacement which means that the basic engine architecture is identical. The suspension thus makes for a rather comfortable ride on most surfaces

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I checked with friends and went to a reputed cosmetic surgeon who first tried to dissuade me from surgery, but I was adamant. and in the past few years, the incidence has definitely increased. The British writer — who was once Princess Diana’s therapist sees women commodifying their bodies as they conform to false images. None of these complications compromise the life of a patient in the long run. But now, I am thrilled with the results,” Varuni says. While these are extreme cases, an individual needs to take certain precautions and follow protocol.97 billion by the end of 2023, this market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7. And the healing process is very important. This particular app enabled cartoon-style characters to modify their looks with procedures such as liposuction, according to reports. With apps like youcammakeup, beautyplus, makeupplus, B612, all available on playstore, anyone can be Cleopatra with a click. It was painful.8 per cent during 2017-2023 according to reports.

New-age apps do not help one accept their imperfections. Each of these apps comes with filters to remove scars, blemishes, wrinkles, enhance eyes, sharpen noses, make the face slimmer, add height, change complexions and give the beauty seeker a new self. They consistently produce good and predictable results as a result of which the popularity of the procedure is rising year after year, globally. Dr Sameer Karkhanis, cosmetic surgeon, Center for Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery explains, “Yes, cosmetic surgeries are on the rise as they are safe in a view of the new technological advances and expertise.” Which is something two Bengaluru-based women who underwent such surgeries tacitly agree upon.Liposuction is the most common procedure that has seen adverse results. There is a proper counselling session that the patients undergo, and they are told about the effects, the negatives and positives. However everyone needs to have realistic expectations.

According to a report in the Daily Nation, the incidence of young girls and women under intense pressure to achieve their perfect body in an oppressive social media-driven world is the highest today. Very rarely fatalities can occur as they can in other surgeries,” Dr Sameer Karkhanis cautions. one can have contour deformities following a liposuction, loose skin etc..It goes on to quote psychoanalyst and bestselling author Susie Orbach who had 40 years ago written Fat is a Feminist Issue. In today’s world, where everyone wants to look good, the number of patients are increasing, and at the same time, people are getting carried away with unrealistic promises to match unrealistic expectations,” warns Dr Sameer Karkhanis, adding, “The effects of cosmetic surgery enhances a person’s personality by bringing about changes which the person feels held him or her back.Kylie Jenner (before and after)With the cosmetic industry expected to reach a mammoth 21.Kangana RanautReputed cosmetic surgeons explore this trend and advice those seeking such interventions.

Yes. If done rightly, it has a tremendous positive effect on the person’s personality.”Angelina JolieThe way to balance it outIn the race to look younger, and preserve one’s looks, many undergo such procedures to enhance their personality especially with Instagram stories, selfies and podcasts a rage.Kangana RanautMaking the right decisionInternationally, there have many instances where surgeries have gone drastically wrong, the most famous of them is Rodrigo Alves who is also known as the human Ken doll. Most complications are ‘cosmetic’ and very rarely life threatening.We prod further as what Susie Orbach and many psychoanalysts and sociologists are very concerned about is this need to spruce up the exterior which affects one’s health and mental make-up as well.. “We get college students who want to change a particular part of their body.

There are also reports of a model going under the knife to remove six ribs to make her waist look smaller. In many cases, I personally try to do away with intervention. A patient who has had breast augmentation might need a removal of the implants down the line. The first is checking the veracity of the clinic and doctor, and his credentials while also exploring non-interventional procedure. “Everyone wants to look their best.Priyanka ChopraWhich is an honest truth given society’s extreme preoccupation with one’s image. For eg. “Like any other surgeries, there can be a down side or complication following cosmetic surgery. . Being a supposedly lucrative line of work, many quacks and businessman run multiple clinics and offer substandard or wrong treatments.“I was sick of people passing comments on my fat nose. Is it any wonder then that many are flocking to get those app-enhanced looks in reality?Orbach herself was involved in a year-long international campaign to force Apple, Google and Amazon to remove cosmetic surgery apps targeting primary school-aged girls (in the UK). But I know of cosmetic clinics that have targets to meet and will readily do a procedure for anyone who pays,” says a cosmetic surgeon on the condition of anonymity. Many larger city hospitals are not usually opted for, to maintain anonymity while having the procedure.Where to stop, and say enough“The ill effects however are rising too due to unqualified practitioners providing these services to the unsuspecting Projectile looms public. Technological factors such as development of advanced materials such as silicone implants, a growing per capita income, and falling cost of cosmetic surgeries are all indicators to its rise

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It will take a lot of time and investment to make roads safer and compliant for self-driving cars to commute. A single bug in the algorithm could make the AI go for a complete toss, putting the car into a rampant metal beast.Autonomous cars: Well, AI is the best example here. Photos could also be photoshopped or morphed with technology getting better and give out almost flawless results. However, the new trend with evolving AI technology can now manipulate videos too.While AI is constantly getting better as it learns along the way, there could be dangers lurking for us in the future. With the best of it seen used by Apple on its latest iPhones, others are also implementing it into their phones in order to unlock smartphones and make online payments.

Artificial Intelligence — this was something that was vague a few years ago. Fortunately, today’s driverless cars still need a human behind the wheel for emergency takeover. Recently a few videos were out where AI was used to create fake videos — the more prominent ones where a woman’s face was cleverly morphed on a pornstar’s naked body and the video clip looked almost real. And from smartphones that can automatically detect the frame and do some sorcery to get the best image from a puny sensor to smart speakers and android robots that can communicate with you like another human being. There are a handful of companies (such as Google, Uber and a few more) who are experimenting with AI-driven cars and many are also currently running around the streets in a few countries. This prewinder drive was to check how the face detection algorithm could be used in real time to search for people, who are lost, and wanted criminals and terrorists. While self-driving cars are probably the future mode of transport, today’s roads and pedestrian rules are not meant for the autonomous traffic. We have seen fictional movies showing how AI-based systems take over the world and killer robots that could put an end to mankind. You may have heard of the Uber incident where a woman was mowed down by a self-driving car because the car was not able to spot the victim in time. Confused? AI works on algorithm and gives an output with a set of commands after processing the input. For example, ask Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa for the time. Roads will need sensors, pedestrians will need to adhere to strict rules, and a lot more has to still be placed in line.

Soon, we could see the fingerprint biometrics fade away to face recognition. No one knew what it really did.And here is another fake video example that features Barack Obama, manipulated to speak something that he did not. The police were working on a test drive and the citizens were well informed about the same. Additionally, AI needs a lot of computing power and processing time to come up with the right decision and make immediate responses. Using sensors, cameras and radars, the car can drive around a given route by sensing and viewing its surroundings. Same goes for an auto-pilot mode in an airplane or a self-driving car. If we are not careful, vigil or cautious, AI could be manipulated by bad guys, and who knows what could be in store for us ahead. If then crunches the data into an output, and then gives out the answer through the speaker, using an artificial pre-recorded voice. It processes the voice input, crunches the audio into data using a set of algorithms that it needs to convert voice commands into data commands. Deepfake: Till date, voice recordings could be doctored and voices could be mimicked by voice artists.However, self-driving cars are not completely safe — at least not yet. Face recognition:Recently, the London police went on to once again place cameras around its streets in order to do a test on live or real-time video-based face detection on its citizens.

Today we use AI everywhere — from common home appliances such as smart vacuum cleaners that automatically clean the surroundings and charge themselves, to driverless cars that ride you to your destiny at the push of a button.While this could be a great way to have a safe community, hackers could make best use of this technology and probably sell it to the underworld to find their next victim easily. If this technology is not made robust enough, we could soon see a dystopian future where privacy and security could be at stake. Neural processing engines can help AI take the darker side if they are used for all the wrong means. But we have also seen hackers attempting to break into this technology by building fake faces using simple and cheap methods such as masks and silicon to replicate the face and skin. Take for example this video below, which uses AI and related data to create a fake video, but looks almost real. No one knew what it really meant. While the instruction is at no fault, the algorithm is the main culprit.

The future will also see the technology enter conventional appliances such as televisions (the TV will know who is watching and personalize the content accordingly) or cars (where you can authorize the car to start with your face).GANs can generate photorealistic faces of any age, gender, or race and graphics processors can easily make these come to life with their immense processing power and based on AI algorithm. While these seem to be something that we look forward to getting better and flawless technology in the future, there are a few AI areas that could be equally dangerous to mankind in future. Let’s look at a few AI-based platforms and the dangers that could lurk within each of them, and if they are not attended to carefully by their creators, they could spell disaster. But 2018 saw a boost of artificial intelligence in almost everything — from speakers to air conditioners, smartphones to cars. It grabs information from cameras, sensors and a lot of other inputs to know the way ahead and steer around to its destination. Well, we could see those days nearing soon unless we make sure that we limit the power of AI before it is too late. With AI and ML (Machine Learning) hand-in-hand, things can be automated to glory, without much human intervention. Face recognition has also seen a big move into smartphone’s today.AI is a set of instructions that is born from algorithm

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Experts from France, listed several advantages in dispensing new packaged translucent pellets over solid chalky pellets having superficial coating of medicines sprayed over them.At an event on “standardisation of homeopathy”, experts from India and France deliberated on the need to prescribe modern homeopathic medicines to patients that offer more quality, safety and hygiene than conventional drugs.

The tubes are made of pharmaceutical grade plastic, which does not react with the medicine. Gupta said, “There is a dire need for standardisation of medicines in homeopathy.” Experts emphasised that Roj weft feeder for sale homeopathy treats the sick, not the disease and is based on the principle of ‘like cures like.The new pellets ensure equal distribution of medicine uniformly, do not dissolve in excess of liquid medicine and have no alcohol on their surface making them safe for children.New Delhi: Homeopathy experts have stressed the need to implement safer homeopathic dispensing practices to standardise and popularise the traditional form of medicine.”

Consumers rely on homeopathy because they are effective and safe.”Experts said that the new innovations, if adopted, can come as a welcome relief to homeopathic patrons across the country. The success of homeopathy is dependent on improving patient treatment outcomes, which itself is dependent on quality.

Medicines should be made hygienically, stored properly and the method of dispensing should be accurate. Director, Boiron France, Michele Boiron said, “Modernisation and standardisation for consistent quality and reproducible outcomes is important for practitioners and patients.Member, Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), Dr (Prof) V.’.K.Consumers have been demanding that homeopathy doctors dispense medicines which contain labels showing the ingredients or content of the drugs. These medicines are highly effective and have long lasting effects.Of late, many have shifted to medicines made in factory sealed bottles and pre-sealed tubes, mostly made by German and French companies

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