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Experts from France, listed several advantages in dispensing new packaged translucent pellets over solid chalky pellets having superficial coating of medicines sprayed over them.At an event on “standardisation of homeopathy”, experts from India and France deliberated on the need to prescribe modern homeopathic medicines to patients that offer more quality, safety and hygiene than conventional drugs.

The tubes are made of pharmaceutical grade plastic, which does not react with the medicine. Gupta said, “There is a dire need for standardisation of medicines in homeopathy.” Experts emphasised that Roj weft feeder for sale homeopathy treats the sick, not the disease and is based on the principle of ‘like cures like.The new pellets ensure equal distribution of medicine uniformly, do not dissolve in excess of liquid medicine and have no alcohol on their surface making them safe for children.New Delhi: Homeopathy experts have stressed the need to implement safer homeopathic dispensing practices to standardise and popularise the traditional form of medicine.”

Consumers rely on homeopathy because they are effective and safe.”Experts said that the new innovations, if adopted, can come as a welcome relief to homeopathic patrons across the country. The success of homeopathy is dependent on improving patient treatment outcomes, which itself is dependent on quality.

Medicines should be made hygienically, stored properly and the method of dispensing should be accurate. Director, Boiron France, Michele Boiron said, “Modernisation and standardisation for consistent quality and reproducible outcomes is important for practitioners and patients.Member, Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), Dr (Prof) V.’.K.Consumers have been demanding that homeopathy doctors dispense medicines which contain labels showing the ingredients or content of the drugs. These medicines are highly effective and have long lasting effects.Of late, many have shifted to medicines made in factory sealed bottles and pre-sealed tubes, mostly made by German and French companies

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