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It will take a lot of time and investment to make roads safer and compliant for self-driving cars to commute. A single bug in the algorithm could make the AI go for a complete toss, putting the car into a rampant metal beast.Autonomous cars: Well, AI is the best example here. Photos could also be photoshopped or morphed with technology getting better and give out almost flawless results. However, the new trend with evolving AI technology can now manipulate videos too.While AI is constantly getting better as it learns along the way, there could be dangers lurking for us in the future. With the best of it seen used by Apple on its latest iPhones, others are also implementing it into their phones in order to unlock smartphones and make online payments.

Artificial Intelligence — this was something that was vague a few years ago. Fortunately, today’s driverless cars still need a human behind the wheel for emergency takeover. Recently a few videos were out where AI was used to create fake videos — the more prominent ones where a woman’s face was cleverly morphed on a pornstar’s naked body and the video clip looked almost real. And from smartphones that can automatically detect the frame and do some sorcery to get the best image from a puny sensor to smart speakers and android robots that can communicate with you like another human being. There are a handful of companies (such as Google, Uber and a few more) who are experimenting with AI-driven cars and many are also currently running around the streets in a few countries. This prewinder drive was to check how the face detection algorithm could be used in real time to search for people, who are lost, and wanted criminals and terrorists. While self-driving cars are probably the future mode of transport, today’s roads and pedestrian rules are not meant for the autonomous traffic. We have seen fictional movies showing how AI-based systems take over the world and killer robots that could put an end to mankind. You may have heard of the Uber incident where a woman was mowed down by a self-driving car because the car was not able to spot the victim in time. Confused? AI works on algorithm and gives an output with a set of commands after processing the input. For example, ask Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa for the time. Roads will need sensors, pedestrians will need to adhere to strict rules, and a lot more has to still be placed in line.

Soon, we could see the fingerprint biometrics fade away to face recognition. No one knew what it really did.And here is another fake video example that features Barack Obama, manipulated to speak something that he did not. The police were working on a test drive and the citizens were well informed about the same. Additionally, AI needs a lot of computing power and processing time to come up with the right decision and make immediate responses. Using sensors, cameras and radars, the car can drive around a given route by sensing and viewing its surroundings. Same goes for an auto-pilot mode in an airplane or a self-driving car. If we are not careful, vigil or cautious, AI could be manipulated by bad guys, and who knows what could be in store for us ahead. If then crunches the data into an output, and then gives out the answer through the speaker, using an artificial pre-recorded voice. It processes the voice input, crunches the audio into data using a set of algorithms that it needs to convert voice commands into data commands. Deepfake: Till date, voice recordings could be doctored and voices could be mimicked by voice artists.However, self-driving cars are not completely safe — at least not yet. Face recognition:Recently, the London police went on to once again place cameras around its streets in order to do a test on live or real-time video-based face detection on its citizens.

Today we use AI everywhere — from common home appliances such as smart vacuum cleaners that automatically clean the surroundings and charge themselves, to driverless cars that ride you to your destiny at the push of a button.While this could be a great way to have a safe community, hackers could make best use of this technology and probably sell it to the underworld to find their next victim easily. If this technology is not made robust enough, we could soon see a dystopian future where privacy and security could be at stake. Neural processing engines can help AI take the darker side if they are used for all the wrong means. But we have also seen hackers attempting to break into this technology by building fake faces using simple and cheap methods such as masks and silicon to replicate the face and skin. Take for example this video below, which uses AI and related data to create a fake video, but looks almost real. No one knew what it really meant. While the instruction is at no fault, the algorithm is the main culprit.

The future will also see the technology enter conventional appliances such as televisions (the TV will know who is watching and personalize the content accordingly) or cars (where you can authorize the car to start with your face).GANs can generate photorealistic faces of any age, gender, or race and graphics processors can easily make these come to life with their immense processing power and based on AI algorithm. While these seem to be something that we look forward to getting better and flawless technology in the future, there are a few AI areas that could be equally dangerous to mankind in future. Let’s look at a few AI-based platforms and the dangers that could lurk within each of them, and if they are not attended to carefully by their creators, they could spell disaster. But 2018 saw a boost of artificial intelligence in almost everything — from speakers to air conditioners, smartphones to cars. It grabs information from cameras, sensors and a lot of other inputs to know the way ahead and steer around to its destination. Well, we could see those days nearing soon unless we make sure that we limit the power of AI before it is too late. With AI and ML (Machine Learning) hand-in-hand, things can be automated to glory, without much human intervention. Face recognition has also seen a big move into smartphone’s today.AI is a set of instructions that is born from algorithm

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