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I checked with friends and went to a reputed cosmetic surgeon who first tried to dissuade me from surgery, but I was adamant. and in the past few years, the incidence has definitely increased. The British writer — who was once Princess Diana’s therapist sees women commodifying their bodies as they conform to false images. None of these complications compromise the life of a patient in the long run. But now, I am thrilled with the results,” Varuni says. While these are extreme cases, an individual needs to take certain precautions and follow protocol.97 billion by the end of 2023, this market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7. And the healing process is very important. This particular app enabled cartoon-style characters to modify their looks with procedures such as liposuction, according to reports. With apps like youcammakeup, beautyplus, makeupplus, B612, all available on playstore, anyone can be Cleopatra with a click. It was painful.8 per cent during 2017-2023 according to reports.

New-age apps do not help one accept their imperfections. Each of these apps comes with filters to remove scars, blemishes, wrinkles, enhance eyes, sharpen noses, make the face slimmer, add height, change complexions and give the beauty seeker a new self. They consistently produce good and predictable results as a result of which the popularity of the procedure is rising year after year, globally. Dr Sameer Karkhanis, cosmetic surgeon, Center for Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery explains, “Yes, cosmetic surgeries are on the rise as they are safe in a view of the new technological advances and expertise.” Which is something two Bengaluru-based women who underwent such surgeries tacitly agree upon.Liposuction is the most common procedure that has seen adverse results. There is a proper counselling session that the patients undergo, and they are told about the effects, the negatives and positives. However everyone needs to have realistic expectations.

According to a report in the Daily Nation, the incidence of young girls and women under intense pressure to achieve their perfect body in an oppressive social media-driven world is the highest today. Very rarely fatalities can occur as they can in other surgeries,” Dr Sameer Karkhanis cautions. one can have contour deformities following a liposuction, loose skin etc..It goes on to quote psychoanalyst and bestselling author Susie Orbach who had 40 years ago written Fat is a Feminist Issue. In today’s world, where everyone wants to look good, the number of patients are increasing, and at the same time, people are getting carried away with unrealistic promises to match unrealistic expectations,” warns Dr Sameer Karkhanis, adding, “The effects of cosmetic surgery enhances a person’s personality by bringing about changes which the person feels held him or her back.Kylie Jenner (before and after)With the cosmetic industry expected to reach a mammoth 21.Kangana RanautReputed cosmetic surgeons explore this trend and advice those seeking such interventions.

Yes. If done rightly, it has a tremendous positive effect on the person’s personality.”Angelina JolieThe way to balance it outIn the race to look younger, and preserve one’s looks, many undergo such procedures to enhance their personality especially with Instagram stories, selfies and podcasts a rage.Kangana RanautMaking the right decisionInternationally, there have many instances where surgeries have gone drastically wrong, the most famous of them is Rodrigo Alves who is also known as the human Ken doll. Most complications are ‘cosmetic’ and very rarely life threatening.We prod further as what Susie Orbach and many psychoanalysts and sociologists are very concerned about is this need to spruce up the exterior which affects one’s health and mental make-up as well.. “We get college students who want to change a particular part of their body.

There are also reports of a model going under the knife to remove six ribs to make her waist look smaller. In many cases, I personally try to do away with intervention. A patient who has had breast augmentation might need a removal of the implants down the line. The first is checking the veracity of the clinic and doctor, and his credentials while also exploring non-interventional procedure. “Everyone wants to look their best.Priyanka ChopraWhich is an honest truth given society’s extreme preoccupation with one’s image. For eg. “Like any other surgeries, there can be a down side or complication following cosmetic surgery. . Being a supposedly lucrative line of work, many quacks and businessman run multiple clinics and offer substandard or wrong treatments.“I was sick of people passing comments on my fat nose. Is it any wonder then that many are flocking to get those app-enhanced looks in reality?Orbach herself was involved in a year-long international campaign to force Apple, Google and Amazon to remove cosmetic surgery apps targeting primary school-aged girls (in the UK). But I know of cosmetic clinics that have targets to meet and will readily do a procedure for anyone who pays,” says a cosmetic surgeon on the condition of anonymity. Many larger city hospitals are not usually opted for, to maintain anonymity while having the procedure.Where to stop, and say enough“The ill effects however are rising too due to unqualified practitioners providing these services to the unsuspecting Projectile looms public. Technological factors such as development of advanced materials such as silicone implants, a growing per capita income, and falling cost of cosmetic surgeries are all indicators to its rise

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